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All the policy of Altynmed Company comes to one simple and efficient formula: professional doctor + medical know-how. Interface of these two concepts is our key mission! This is our plus, our trademark! We find solutions how to take domestic medical treatment to the international level with a help of science intensive products. Accurate eye, firm hand and wealth of experience already ceased to be the sole tools of a good doctor. Today it is insufficient. Medicine goes to the category of high-technology sciences. We are indeed those who acquaint Kazakhstan specialists with innovative equipment. Altynmed introduces medical technologies of new level to Kazakhstan medical and diagnostic practice. And this is one more part of our mission to stimulate development of health services in our country!


Completed projects

Supply of medical equipment for " school of medicine of Nazarbayev University"


"School of medicine of Nazarbayev University" in Astana.

Supply of ultrasound devices with X50 and monitor-defibrillators XL+, the manufacturer of which is the company Philips, Corporation Hanhwa, for further installation in the" School of medicine of Nazarbayev University " in Astana.

Supply of ambulances


City ambulance station" Astana

On the eve of the international exhibition EXPO2017 in Astana, delivery of ambulances complete with medical equipment on the basis of Volkswagen Caddy Maxi for the "city ambulance station" UZ of Astana in the amount of 49 units was made

For the needs of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan ambulance cars were delivered on the basis of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter CLASSIC and "Gazelle-Business".

Supply of reanimobiles complete with medical equipment of JSC "national company "Kazakhstan Engineering"was made..

Delivery of ambulances


Delivery of ambulances on the basis of "Mercedes-Benz" city hospital Aksu and Ekibastuz district hospital.

Delivery of the reanimobile in a complete set with the medical equipment, RGP, Committee on emergency situations of the Ministry of internal Affairs of RK.