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Sleep diagnostics

Measurement, detection, knowledge: to find out the disease.

Somnolency during daytime, reduced efficiency and blood circulation problems can be the result of sleep disturbance. Thus, persons suffering similar syndromes, and those who has problems related to insomnia and normal, healthy sleep shall obligatory undergo sleep diagnostics. It is possible to define with a help of sleep diagnostics device, whether above mentioned symptoms are connected with the disease as sleep apnea. If the diagnostics results confirm the assumptions of probable disease, the patient shall be directed to sleep laboratory.  

In the sleep laboratory the doctor familiarizes with the patient’s case history, conducts examination (electrocardiogram, pulmonary function, X-ray picture or ultrasound image and somnolence test). Electroencephalograms and other parameters as air flow breathed out by the patient through nose or mouth, eyeball movement, lower extremities movements, oxygen saturation and snore obtained during nighttime allow making a diagnosis sleep apnea. All these indices are registered with the help of electrodes and sensors. Signals registered in this way provide the doctor with necessary information of different sleep stages and possible apnea for correct setting of a diagnosis. Weinmann company developed software allowing the doctors to be sure in set diagnosis. According to the results of the research* conducted in six famous laboratories of sleep of Europe, ARTISANA permits receiving of high-class polysomigraphic data.  

Базовый аппарат SOMNOlab 2, Weinmann

Диагностический аппарат

Компоненты системы SOMNOlab

Базовая система SOMNOlab 2 является портативной, и ее можно использовать как в стационаре, так и амбулаторно. Все компоненты для полисомнографии (ПСГ) встроены в аппарат. Таким образом, дабавив к системе кабель R&K или AASM, Вы можете проводить полную полисомнографию в соответствии со стандартами Rechtschaffen & Kalles (R&K) или требованиями Американской Академии Медицины Сна (ААМС). 

Дополнительные компоненты системы SOMNOlab: Transferbox 2, SOMNObutler 2 и Программное обеспечение SOMNOlab. 



SOMNOcheck micro, Weinmann

Простая диагностика сна в домашних условиях

SOMNOcheck micro дает возможность проводить легкую и понятную диагностику нарушений дыхания, связанных со сном, с помощью анализа сигналов пульсоксиметрии и потока.