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All the policy of Altynmed Company comes to one simple and efficient formula: professional doctor + medical know-how. Interface of these two concepts is our key mission! This is our plus, our trademark! We find solutions how to take domestic medical treatment to the international level with a help of science intensive products. Accurate eye, firm hand and wealth of experience already ceased to be the sole tools of a good doctor. Today it is insufficient. Medicine goes to the category of high-technology sciences. We are indeed those who acquaint Kazakhstan specialists with innovative equipment. Altynmed introduces medical technologies of new level to Kazakhstan medical and diagnostic practice. And this is one more part of our mission to stimulate development of health services in our country!  


Mission of Altynmed

To supply solutions allowing Kazakhstan doctors to be the specialists of the world level.


Values of Altynmed

  • A doctor is main person in the diagnostic and treatment process. Our task is to supply a doctor with advanced high-quality equipment. 
  • Equipment supply is a part of our task. To share technologies, skills, is the second part of our task
  • Our work will be fulfilled professionally and on timely basis not depending on a scale and complexity of supplied equipment.


Our history

Altynmed Company was founded on July 2, 2007 in Astana city. And the company was certified by ISO 9001:2000 in 2008. Young and ambitious company has already reached reputation of reliable and proved partner on Kazakhstan market of medical production. The licensing required by the law of RK is additional confirmation of this fact. 

  • State license for pharmaceutical activity. Wholesale of medical equipment and medical accessories. 
  • State license for X-ray equipment sale.
  • State license for atomic energy service provision.
  • State license for ionizing emission sources treatment.

Today Altynmed is successful, contemporary, dynamically developing company with professional staff. Altynmed applies its best practice in supplies of the advanced equipment from the world market of medical facilities. Altynmed closely cooperates with the largest health devices manufacturers.