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Weinmann Medical Technology

Weinmann Medical Technology develops and provides high-quality system solutions relating to diagnostics, treatment and life saving for application in emergency medicine and respiratory aid to the patient.

Partner for Life: People involved to the medical and technical provision of the treatment process and the significance of their business – all these make the reliability the basis for the successful work. Weinmann creates innovative, profitable and individual system solutions for both full and accurate diagnostics and wide application in treatment practice with the benefit for a patient, a doctor and a customer. 

Today Weinmann Medical Technology presents its products in more than 55 world countries. 


The staff of the company amounts 33 000 employees all over the world.

Sales and servicing are produced in more than 60 countries.

Manufacture: Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Israel, USA.

Scope of activity:

  • Clinical systems – ultrasound, cardiologic systems, clinical respiratory systems
  • Visualization systems – medical radiology, computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, PET, X-ray radiography 
  • Medical informatics – radiology, cardiology, clinical facilities, monitoring of patients
  • Servicing – consulting, trainings, financial services, installation and maintenance
  • Out-patient treatment

Philips makes special emphasis on innovative three-dimensional visualization in radiography, ultrasound, computer tomography and other fields. We are leaders in manufacture of patient monitory systems, cardiovascular radiography and ultrasonic systems.



BTL Indusries Company (Czech Republic-Great Britain) is established in 1993. The company works in four different areas: physical therapy, cardiology, cosmetology and pulmonology.

Products in area of physical therapy include electrotherapy, laser therapy, ultrasonic therapy and magnetotherapy and manufacture of coushes and medical baths.

In cardiology the company provides wide range of electrocardiographs, software and Holter monitoring equipment.
Pneumology products include portable spirometer and options of spirometric upgrade on electrocardiogram.


JSC “Rengentprom” is founded on February 19, 1996. Today the company became the largest manufacturer of X-ray medical equipment in Russia.

“Rengentprom” Closed Corporation is a sole Russian company manufacturing new film fluorographs and the only manufacturer in Russia assimilating the manufacture of digital X-ray units of two widespread types in our country:

  • scanning devices
  • devices applying X-ray registering cameras with CCD detectors


“Omnimed” is the leading Russian company developing and manufacturing the equipment for a complex solution of the tasks of medical aid and life support in extreme situations.

In February 2011 the company celebrated 15th anniversary of successful work on the market. 

The company supplies its equipment for the Ministry of Emergency and security, defense and law enforcement agencies, disaster medicine centers, first-aid stations, medioprophilactic institutions, search-and-rescue units, organizations on physical culture, sports and tourism, construction and production enterprises and other organizations. 

Company supply geography covers all the regions of Russia, the CIS and far abroad countries.

Website of Omnimed 

Soring GmbH

Soring GmbH is one of the leading companies in the world manufacturing high-frequency and ultrasonic surgery devices. Soring company offers innovative solutions in ultrasonic and high-frequency surgery on the world market for already more than two decades.

Soring equipment corresponds to all the requirements of modern surgery and international standards.

Soring devices are multifunctional allowing conducting wide range of operations in one operating room. Many applied technologies are unique and have not any analogues in the world.

Success of Soring company is uncompromising search of innovative solutions and invariably high quality of the product.

Website of Soring GmbH  


1952 can be considered as a starting point for the company history, when the factory specializing in maintenance and custom production “Chirana” was established in Slovakia.

Today Chirana-Dental is a manufacturer of high-class dental equipment. 

Website of Chirana


Website of Viasys


The motto “Sharing Expertise” reflects global mission for exchange of experience accumulated for long years of researches of industrial production and close cooperation with medical science.

During 167 years of development the Company acquired knowledge to share with those who is responsible for health protection.

The company presents the products of three subdivisions of B.Brown.

The priority directions in Hospital Care activities are infusion solutions, clinical meals, infusion pumps and intensive care accessories — infusion goods, central and peripheral venous catheters, kits and components for field block anesthesia, urology, drainage and biopsy. Subdivision Aesculap offers surgical armaments, suture materials, products for intervention cardiology and other surgical accessories. Subdivision OPM (Out Patient Market) presents the goods for stoma care and in case of incontinence, disinfection and hygiene means.

Website of B.Brown


Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG GmbH

German company Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG GmbH (BEBIG Isotopen- und Medizintechnik GmbH) specializes in development and manufacture of the equipment for brachytherapy using special accessories and applicators, and production of radiation sources for medical application.

Website of Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG Gmb